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Anna Marino


Ryan Muir

Wedding Party

Julia Eck

Maid of Honor

Anna's favorite memory: Making our wooly mammoth video way back in 2008! This was probably one of the funniest moments of my entire childhood.

Ryan's favorite memory: Dead&Co Lakewood 2018

Ryan "Mint" Montgomery

Best Man

Anna's favorite memory: When you shotgunned a can of Coke and threw it across the balcony, hitting you neighbor in the head.

Ryan's favorite memory: Thursday night of Lockn' 2018 #Hamageddon

James "Jake" Marino


Brother of the bride

Anna's favorite memory: Playing with our toy cars on weekend mornings (not currently...back in the day).

Ryan's favorite memory: 1716

Benjamin "Ben" Muir


Brother of the groom

Anna's favorite memory: Hanging out in Dina!

Ryan's favorite memory: Green Turtle New Years when Zach Deputy played...I forget which year.

Caroline Pippins


Anna's favorite memory: The night you got engaged and we all spent time together celebrating at Sky Bar.

Ryan's favorite memory: ATL weekend!

"Frostin" Austin Nicklas


Anna's favorite memory: The bus bar crawl.

Ryan's favorite memory: Destin Spring Break in high school when we thought Malibu Rum was cool.

Eliza Alexander


Anna's favorite memory: Our #SB2K17 cruise!

Ryan's favorite memory: When you yelled at Tommy for not getting you the combo from Ming House.

David "Dave" Panfil


Anna's favorite memory: Getting to go to your wedding even though I didn't really know you or Kait. I cried at your ceremony.

Ryan's favorite memory: The night we ate the giant meatball from Piesano's.

Estelle Mace


Anna's favorite memory: Making our special punch in that huge bucket over spring break 2016.

Ryan's favorite memory: Wings Etc.

William "Davis" Chapman


Anna's favorite memory: PBT meltdown. Enough said.

Ryan's favorite memory: Freaking out about the bee in the car at Yellowstone.

Liz Albanese


Anna's favorite memory: The entire spring 2017 semester when we stayed out pretty much all night every weekend.

Ryan's favorite memory: Your 21st birthday party, before Anna had a 2 hour meltdown for losing her keys (they were in her purse).

Nathan "Nate" Cutajar


Anna's favorite memory: Cumberland Island when we had a TRUCK.

Ryan's favorite memory: Running into a bear's den to retrieve our stolen provisions, and then trying to fight the bear with a slackline and bow and arrow.

Stephanie Palmer


Anna's favorite memory: Our fall break beach trip when we went to the Flora Bama.

Ryan's favorite memory: Showing us how to party in NYC!

Tyler "Stokes" Stokes


Anna's favorite memory: When he soaked up the sun in the blow up pool at #PoolParty17.

Ryan's favorite memory: Living on our couch for 2 consecutive summers in ATL (I'm sitting on that couch as I type this).